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CASE - Girl, 5yrs (Auditory Processing/Hearing Impairment)

Updated: Aug 9, 2018

Comments from parents:

“My daughter was diagnosed with profound hearing loss at the age of 4 years as she could hear, respond to questions, react to the stimulus around her when she was younger. We did feel her speech was slower but doctors said some kids speak slower. So, we never gave it a thought again. As she joined school, the teacher said she won't respond when spoken to. She couldn't hear when her back was turned. So after all the test, it was concluded as hearing loss. She was quick to learn but couldn't hear the language clearly. She went for therapy in ATOC where we met Rav. She was an intern back then, we saw her here and there at ATOC. After a year at ATOC, we felt comfortable with Rav and did lessons with her privately for a few months. With the right hearing aids and speech therapy, she has made rapid progress.

The methods used with her has been proven to be effective in teaching language to a hearing loss child. Speech therapy is given to correct the pronunciation of the sounds and intensive auditory training given to teach the use of residual hearing.

Hearing impairment can be detected at birth. Parents should be alert to signs of hearing loss like, no response to environmental sounds by 6 months, no response to name call by 8-10 months, and no meaningful words developed by 15 months.

Early diagnosis and intervention is important for the child to go to school.

Thank you Rav, for been a friend and therapist to my daughter”.

Comments from Ravneet:

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