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Home Practice Tips for Bilingual Families

Ways to Practice Speech Sounds with your child

Practicing good speech sounds with your child is ESSENTIAL for progress, and it doesn’t have to be difficult to work into your daily routine. See these tips below to add hundreds of sound repetitions for your child

1. During Mealtimes/ Play time

Put picture cards on the fridge, pantry door, or on the box of your child’s favourite snacks. Have them say the words 5 times. Use picture cards to play game e.g. “Hide and Seek”, “I Spy”, or “Simon Says”.

2. In the Bathroom

Put picture cards on the bathroom mirror. Have your child say the words 5 times every time they wash their hands or brush their teeth.

3. At Bed time

Listen for your child’s speech sounds during bed time story. Have your child says the words.

4. At the store (running errands)

Talk with your child in the store. See if they can identify items with their speech sounds and say them correctly.

5. In the Car

Put picture cards at the back seat in front of your child. At each red light, see how many times your child can say their sounds correctly.

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